How to participate in the ITYM 2018?

All countries are welcome to participate in the ITYM 2018. If you wish to do so, and to form a team, here is the procedure.

If you are in a country with a national tournament acknowledged by the IOC

This is the case if you live in Belarus, France or Russia.

You should then participate to this national tournament: the winning team will be qualified for the ITYM.

If you are in a country with a registered partner organization of the ITYM

This is the case if you live in Bulgaria, Germany or Romania.

This organization is in charge of the selection of their national team. You should contact this organization directly to learn about their selection process.

If you are in none of the above cases

Your application should be directed addressed directly to the IOC (

We strongly advise you to contact the IOC as soon possible (this is not a commitment), to explain who you are, how you are going to select the team and how you intend to find the money to pay the registration fees. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions that you might have about the tournament.

It is better to have the support of an institution that can certify the academic level of the students and the reliability of the team.

The official deadline for the formal application is May 1st. The instructions for the official registration are available on this page. By this time you will have to provide the current state of your work on the problem as a proof of reliability. The IOC will decide of the selection before May 10th.

Registration Fees

Students as well as team leaders will have to pay a registration fee, which amounts to 250€ per person.

This fee covers accommodation and meals for the whole tournament, from diner on Day 0 (July 5th) to breakfast on Day 7 (July 12th).
Transportation from the teams’ home countries to Paris is at their own expense.

Observers and additional delegation members are possible but their fees will have to cover the full cost of their stay (without subsidies). Contact the local organizing committee for additional details.